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Go global and grow your business. Automate your international payments with Plooto.

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Automate international account payables with Plooto

Plooto's global money transfer service enables you to send money abroad, automates your accounts payable functions, and gives you time back to focus on your business. Plooto's centralized dashboard simplifies the management of global money transfers, with the ability to make payments, manage approvals, track payment status, and generate reports within a single platform.

Plooto seamlessly integrates with Xero, QuickBooks, and NetSuite making it the ideal solution for handling international money transfers and empowering you with greater financial control over your payment operations.

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Grow your business with international payments

As the world becomes more connected, trade and international payments will continue to grow rapidly. On top of growing your business, managing compliance, logistics, customs, and tariffs can quickly become overwhelming. The last thing you need in the mix is added payment complexity. That's why Plooto makes it easy and cost-effective to send money internationally to your vendors and suppliers.

Our accounts payable and accounts receivable automation platform makes sending money around the world as simple as possible. Through its easy-to-use interface, when using Plooto, your international payment will be processed easily, quickly, and cost-effectively.

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Plooto vs bank transaction pricing

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Foreign exchange transactions $/transaction
No foreign exchange transfer fee *
(Grow and Pro Plans)
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Automate your global payment workflows

Make payments around the world and enjoy competitive exchange rates on your transactions.

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No More Foreign Exchange Transfer Fees

Streamline how you pay vendors worldwide with Plooto, now without foreign exchange transfer fees*


Easy Same Currency International Payments

Save on wire transfer fees and make cross- border payments through Plooto for fee of $10 (Grow and Pro plan) or $19 (Go plan).

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A Single Platform For Your Complete Workflow

Continue to enjoy the benefits of automated workflows and account reconciliation for all payment types.

*Excludes fees on non foreign exchange, check, and same-currency transactions. Industry and discretionary rates apply, and are subject to change. A complete conversion cost estimate is viewable when payment is created or via our foreign exchange calculator.

Fast, easy international payments with Plooto Instant

Cut the time it takes to send payments by half, and never worry about running late on bills and invoices again.


Pre-fund Your Account

Fund your Plooto Instant account from a verified bank account.

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Select Plooto Instant

Select your Plooto Instant account when you're making a payment.

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Send Payments Faster

Cut down lengthy processing times and keep business moving.



How do you make an international payment?

To make an international payment, create an international contact and choose their payment method. Follow the prompts to easily complete your payment. To learn the basics about creating new payables, please see creating a payment.

What does it cost to send an international payment?

A cross-border payment method (same currency international transactions) costs $10 (Grow and Pro plan) or $19 (Go plan). There are no transfer fees for foreign exchange transactions. Industry and discretionary rates apply and are subject to change. A complete conversion cost estimate is viewable when your payment is created or via our foreign exchange calculator.

Where can I send international payments and what currencies does Plooto support?

Plooto supports 40+ countries and 25+ currencies. Review the complete list here.

What's the difference between a cross-border transaction and a foreign exchange (FX) transaction?

A cross-border transaction is an international money transfer without a foreign exchange component. An example of this is using a Canadian dollar account in Canada to send funds to a Canadian dollar account in the United States.

A foreign exchange transaction is any transaction that requires currency conversion before the amount is deposited within the recipient's bank account.

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