Make Federal Payroll Deductions, Corporate Tax, GST & HST Payments Online

Make remittances to the Canadian Revenue Agency ("CRA") the easy way.  Send CRA payments anywhere, any time, and avoid that line at the bank.

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Make CRA payments anywhere, anytime

Avoid antiquated payment methods, clunky online portals, and long lines. Use Plooto to send your CRA payment from anywhere, stress-free.

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Government remittances just got a lot easier

Take it online and use all the good stuff—streamlined payments, automated workflows, and account reconciliation—for your government remittances.

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David DiNardo

“You’re eliminating a manual process with an electronic tool.”

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Emily Ahier
Finance Manager

“Using the Plooto platform we save approximately 40+ hours a month.”

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Tom Yawney
Director of Business Development
The Influence Agency

“We can send everything in a moment, very, very simple!”


How can Plooto assist with making CRA payments?

Plooto simplifies the process of making CRA payments by providing a secure and user-friendly platform for electronic transactions. You can easily set up payments to the Canada Revenue Agency through the Plooto platform.

What types of CRA payments can I make using Plooto?

Plooto supports various types of CRA payments, including tax payments, GST/HST payments, payroll deductions, and more. It's a versatile platform that accommodates different payment needs for businesses.

What payment methods are supported for making CRA payments with Plooto?

Plooto supports multiple payment methods, including EFT / ACH (direct debit) transfers. This ensures flexibility and convenience for everyone.

Is it safe to make CRA payments through Plooto?

Absolutely. Plooto prioritizes the security of your financial transactions. Our platform adheres to industry-leading security standards to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your payment information when making CRA payments.

Does Plooto provide reminders for upcoming CRA payment deadlines?

Yes, Plooto offers reminder features to help you stay on top of your CRA payment obligations. You can set up automated reminders for upcoming payments, reducing the risk of missing important deadlines.

How does Plooto handle failed or returned CRA payments?

Plooto provides notifications and alerts for failed or returned payments, allowing you to address any issues promptly. This ensures that you are informed of any potential payment challenges, helping you avoid penalties.

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