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A two-way sync with NetSuite offers automatic reconciliation and eliminates manual data entry errors and inefficiencies.

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Link your Plooto and NetSuite accounts to automate invoice management and payment workflows end-to-end. Take the stress out of approvals, reconciliation, and audits by letting your software do the work for you.

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How Plooto works with NetSuite

  1. Invoices import into Plooto
  2. Plooto emails the correct approvers
  3. Approvers sign off online
  4. Plooto makes the transaction
  5. Plooto keeps a full audit trail
  6. Plooto reconciles your records in NetSuite

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Seamless integrations make everything so much easier

  • Pay electronically
  • Pay with checks (let Plooto handle the printing and mailing)
  • Pay international vendors
  • Make batch payments
  • Customize payment approvals
  • Store and search digital records
  • Automatic account reconciliation

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About NetSuite

NetSuite’s accounting software simplifies the process of recording transactions, managing AP and AR, collecting taxes and closing the books and enables timely, accurate reporting and greater control of financial assets. By connecting Plooto and NetSuite, you’ll gain complete cash flow visibility, be able to fully automate your accounting flows, and spend less time in your accounting software.

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David DiNardo headshot

David DiNardo

“You’re eliminating a manual process with an electronic tool.”

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Emily Ahier
Finance Manager

“Using the Plooto platform we save approximately 40+ hours a month.”

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Tom Yawney
Director of Business Development
The Influence Agency

“We can send everything in a moment, very, very simple!”


How does Plooto integrate with NetSuite?

Plooto seamlessly integrates with NetSuite securely, quickly, and reliably. The integration allows for the exchange of data between the two platforms, streamlining payment workflows and enhancing financial efficiency.

Can I sync my NetSuite contacts with Plooto?

Yes, Plooto's integration with NetSuite allows for the synchronization of contacts. This ensures that your payment information is consistent across both platforms.

What types of transactions can be managed through the Plooto-NetSuite integration?

The Plooto-NetSuite integration supports various transactions, including vendor payments, bill payments, sales transactions, and other financial transactions, providing a comprehensive solution for your payment needs.

How does the integration handle data consistency between Plooto and NetSuite?

The integration is designed to maintain data consistency between Plooto and NetSuite. Changes made in one platform are reflected in the other, ensuring accurate and up-to-date financial records.

How does the integration simplify the reconciliation process?

The Plooto-NetSuite integration automates the reconciliation process by syncing payment data directly into NetSuite. This reduces manual entry, minimizes errors, and enhances the accuracy of your financial records and cash flow.

Does Plooto support multi-entity and multi-subsidiary setups in NetSuite?

Yes, Plooto is designed to support multi-entity and multi-subsidiary setups within NetSuite. This flexibility accommodates businesses with complex organizational structures.

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