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A two-way sync with Xero enables automatic reconciliation and eliminates data entry errors and inefficiencies.

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Link your Plooto and Xero accounts to automate invoice management and payment workflows end-to-end. Take the stress out of approvals, reconciliation and audits by letting your software do the work for you.

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How Plooto works with Xero

Get more visibility into your cash flow and control over your business payments. Import your bills, invoices, payees, customers, and bank accounts.

  1. Bills import into Plooto
  2. Plooto emails the correct approvers
  3. Approvers sign off online
  4. Plooto makes the payment
  5. Plooto keeps a full audit trail
  6. Plooto reconciles your records in Xero

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Understand the benefits of our Xero integration for your small business or growing enterprise

  • Electronic payments
  • Pay with checks (let Plooto handle the printing and mailing)
  • Global payments
  • Make batch payments
  • Customize payment approvals
  • Store and search digital records
  • Automatic account reconciliation

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About Xero

Xero is one of the leading online accounting software apps purpose-built for small businesses. Looking to seamlessly reconcile your invoice, bill or payment? By connecting Plooto and Xero, you'll be able to fully automate your accounting flows and spend less time in your accounting software.

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Frank Furman headshot

Frank Furman
Co-founder & CGO

“I can just initiate the payment from Xero, and then automatically see them in Plooto and just approve it there.”

Srinivas Pabbaraju headshot

Srinivas Pabbaraju
Truth North Mortgage

“We use Plooto for everything, and Plooto keeps great records of what we do, both for control and audit purposes.”

Omar Visram headshot

Omar Visram
CEO & Founder
Enkel Backoffice Solutions

“Every time you use Plooto, you are saving money or time, or both.”

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What types of transactions can I sync between Plooto and Xero?

By establishing a connection with Xero, you can optimize and simplify your processes for both accounts payable and accounts receivable. This setup syncs critical items like bills, invoices, suppliers, customers, and accounts between Xero and Plooto seamlessly.

How do I set up the integration between Plooto and Xero?

Integrating Xero can be done in five simple steps directly from Plooto’s dashboard. Visit our how-to guide and you’ll be on your way.
How to connect Xero to Plooto

Is there customer support available for assistance with the Plooto and Xero integration?

Yes, Plooto offers dedicated customer support to assist users with any questions or challenges related to the integration with Xero. Users can reach out to Plooto's support team via live chat, phone, or email.