Manage Your Invoices—Minus the Stress.

Finally, you can leave manual data entry behind. Plooto Capture takes care of all that. How? By integrating invoice processing and automating your payments.

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How Plooto Capture works

  1. Import your invoices via email or upload them directly to Plooto's platform

  2. Once importing is complete, your invoices will be automatically processed and published into your accounting software

  3. Then Plooto creates payments from your invoices and syncs them back into your accounting software as they are paid
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Tech that actually saves you time. For real.

Best-in-class technology takes care of the tedium by auto-processing and converting all your invoice details into payments.

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Import invoices. Pay invoices. You can do both.

Import, view, manage, and pay all of your invoices—scanned or electronic—all on one platform.

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Automatic reconciliation attached with your invoice

Automatic reconciliation keeps your books accurate, organized, and up-to-date.

Integration with QuickBooks >

Integration with Xero >

Integration with NetSuite >

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Even more options. Even more payment flexibility.

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International Payments

Make payments around the world and enjoy competitive exchange rates without the transfer fees*.

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Online Checks

Send full-service check payments in Canada and the United States, minus the in-person signatures and approvals.

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CRA Remittance

Canadian customers can pay government remittances in one place from payroll deductions to tax payments.

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*Excludes fees on non foreign exchange, check, and same-currency transactions. Industry and discretionary rates apply, and are subject to change. A complete conversion cost estimate is viewable when payment is created or via our foreign exchange calculator.

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Aamer Siddiqui
Chief Financial Officer

“Plooto is a system I wish I knew about months ago.”

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Owais Lightwala
Managing Director
Why Not Theatre

“Getting Plooto was a lifesaver because I suddenly had a much easier system that I could control directly.”

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Morgan Mantha
Director of Finance

“Plooto is our go-to for all online payments.”


How does Plooto automate the invoice payment process?

Plooto automates the invoice payment process by enabling businesses to create, send, and receive invoices electronically. The platform supports various payment methods and automates reconciliation with accounting software.

Can I use Plooto to send invoices to clients and customers worldwide?

Yes, Plooto supports global invoicing, allowing businesses to send invoices to clients and customers around the world. This makes it convenient for companies with international clients or partners. This improves the entire B2B payment process.

Does Plooto integrate with popular accounting software for seamless invoice management?

Absolutely. Plooto seamlessly integrates with popular accounting software like QuickBooks, Xero, and NetSuite. This integration ensures that your invoicing data is synchronized, reducing manual data entry and minimizing errors.

How does Plooto help with tracking and managing overdue invoices?

Plooto provides real-time tracking of invoice statuses, including overdue invoices. Users can set up automated reminders for clients, helping to expedite the payment process and reduce the occurrence of overdue payments. You can also use Plooto to schedule recurring invoices — this is particularly beneficial for businesses with subscription-based services or ongoing contracts.

How does Plooto handle different payment methods for invoice payments?

Plooto seamlessly integrates with popular accounting software, ensuring that credit card transactions are automatically synced. This integration eliminates manual data entry, reduces errors, and streamlines the reconciliation process.

Is Plooto's invoicing system secure?

Yes, Plooto prioritizes the security of your invoicing data. Our platform adheres to industry-leading security standards, ensuring that your sensitive financial information is protected throughout the invoicing and payment process.

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